Nigel Christie


Introducing Nigel CHRISTIE

Greetings ... my name is Nigel Christie, and I think it is important that I provide you with some information about myself.

From the information below, you will see that I have a wide range of qualifications, work experience and life experience, to enable me to be responsive to your needs and to provide you with a service that will meet or exceed your expectations.

This section provides information about my:

  • qualifications
  • experience
  • affiliations
  • general background



Nigel has the following qualifications:

Qualification Name
Certificate Title
Auditing in Healthcare NZQA 8086 Auditing in Healthcare Training provided by Quality Plus Training Ltd. My area of specialty is the provision of home-based support services to the elderly and people with disabilities; but my certification is applicable to all healthcare and community social services agencies.
Te Mana i Waitangi NZHRC Certificate Training, provided by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, which focussed on the relationship between Treaty Rights and Human Rights. This training included a consideration of bi-culturalism and multi-culturalism, and the role of the Treaty in the development of a unique New Zealand social and cultural identity.
Doctor of Philosophy in Laws PhD In my PhD Thesis, I focussed on aspects of New Zealand family law and domestic human rights law, and the extent to which the laws of New Zealand have incorporated international human rights standards.
Law Professionals IPLS Certificate

Having completed this course I was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. The course related to the application of the theoretical learnings from the LLB degree to practice as a lawyer.

Bachelor of Laws LLB (Hons) In these studies, I focussed on Family Law and Human Rights Law, also completing all the standard generic law papers (Crimes, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Contracts, Property Law), and some non-law papers (New Zealand History, and Social and Moral Philosophy).
Bachelor of Arts BA I completed this degree with a double major in Maori Studies and Education. Support subjects included Music, French, and German.
Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (Residential) CQSW (Residential) This was an intensive residential course delivered by the (then) Department of Social Welfare. Completing this course enabled me to work as a Residential Social Worker in Social Welfare girls' homes and boys' homes.
Diploma in Teaching DipT This is a qualification resulting from the combination of university study with teacher training, and a period of teaching practice.
Associate of the Trinity College London ATCL Teachers' Diploma in Piano and Music Theory.




These qualifications are supported by experience as follows:

Type of Work


Community-Services Management

Manager for the Taranaki Restorative Justice Trust - administration and coordination of Restorative Justice services

General Manager of Te Hauora Pou Heretanga - Home-Based Support Services to the elderly and people with disabilities; Elder Protection Services; Advocacy Services for people with disabilities; Cultural Training and Supervision

Area Manager (Taranaki-Whanganui) for Barnardos - Social Work and Early Childhood Education services to children, young persons and their families

Legal Research and Policy Development

Manager of Operational Policy for the Special Jurisdictions Group of the Department for Courts / Ministry of Justice - operational policy development for Maori Land Court, Waitangi Tribunal, Environment Court, Tribunals Unit, Coronial Services, Employment Court

Project Specialist at Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori Development) working on the review of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act (Maori Land Act) 1993, and various aspects of regional Maori land development

Legal Researcher at the New Zealand Law Commission - involved in work on inheritance laws, Coronial Services, and Maori Women's access to justice

Residential Social Work

Community-based Residential Social Worker working with parents of at-risk children and young persons to assist the parents in enhancing their parenting skills

Working in residential social work setting with teenagers and youths

Teaching and Lecturing

Lecturing in Legal Systems, New Zealand Law and Society, and Legal Writing

Tutoring in Family Law

Teaching in mainstream and special education settings




Member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ)

Member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ) - Taranaki Branch

Associate Member of the New Zealand Law Society

Member of Fostering Kids New Zealand

Board Member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Supervised Contact Services


Member of the New Plymouth Positive Ageing Network

Member of the New Plymouth Positive Ageing Trust Board

Member of the Taranaki Safe Families Network

Member of the Taranaki Safe Families Trust Board

Member of the Community Health and Disability (CHAD) Network




I was born in Whanganui and grew up on a farm in Westmere, just to the north of the city. I attended the local primary school, and I remember how much I enjoyed that rural lifestyle, and the myriad events that were part of being a pupil at our small country school and a member of the close-knit local community.

I went on to secondary school at Wanganui Boys' College which I attended until the end of the seventh form. Throughout my time at the school, I was a member of the well-reknowned Wanganui Boys' College Brass Band, as well as being in the choir. I was also a Librarian for several years and, in my last two years, was a School Prefect.

Alongside my schooling, I studied piano and theory completing my Grade 8 exams with the Royal Schools of Music. I later went on to attain my Associate Diploma (ATCL) in keyboard and theory from the Trinity College, London, while I was at university.

I attended Canterbury University and Christchurch Teachers' College, training as a secondary teacher. I went on to commence teaching, but returned to university at Waikato to complete my BA degree a few years later. Since then I have continued to gain further qualifications and have worked in a range of public-sector roles before moving to New Plymouth in 2010 and transitioning into working with community-based service organisations (see above for full details).

I am the proud father of a 'home-for-life' son who currently attends Devon Intermediate in New Plymouth. I am always excited to be able to support him in his schooling activities, and in his interests in swimming and music - and his obsession with cars! He and I also very much enjoy maintaining contact with our various families.

I established Support-Plus Ltd in 2015 in order to be able to provide a range of services about which I feel passionate - supporting individuals, families, and organisations within our communities.

Phone: 021 59 59 56 --- Address: PO Box 8302, New Plymouth 4342