I am delighted to offer Celebrant services for couples who wish to enter into a marriage or a civil union. I offer these services to same-sex couples and to different-sex couples. For me, the central consideration is that we are able to work together to plan a day that is remembered, for all the right reasons, by yourselves, your families, and your friends.



It is my goal to assist you in designing your personalised marriage ceremony. In doing this, it is important that I get to know about your wishes for your big day, and any ideas from other family members that you might like to include. I also have suggestions that you might like to consider but, most importantly, I want to provide you with the opportunity to plan a unique day that you will be able to look back on with pride, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

There are many things to think about, such as:

  • Do you want a traditional or modern styled ceremony?
  • Will your wedding be indoors or outdoors?
  • What sort of music would you like?
  • Do you have any special readings or poems you would like included?
  • Do you wish to write your own wedding vows?

Together, we can work through all of these questions and many others. Following this, I will prepare a draft outline of your ceremony, and will provide you with as many opportunities as you need to review the draft until we reach the final version.


Civil Unions

For personal reasons, some couples prefer to enter into a Civil Union rather than a Marriage.

From a ceremonial point of view, most of the considerations for Civil Unions are similar to those for marriage, and I wish to provide you with a personalised ceremony which highlights your preferences for your special day. I will work through all the thoughts and ideas, prepare a draft outline of your ceremony, and review it as much as necessary.


Seven Steps in planning your Marriage or Civil Union

1) Initial Contact
  • You contact me to check whether or not I am available for the day you have planned for your Ceremony.
2) First Meeting
  • A "no obligation" get-together.
  • You tell me a little about yourselves and the sort of ceremony you might like.
  • I will talk with you about my approach and what I will offer to you so that you are able to confirm that you would like me to lead your Ceremony.
  • I will explain / clarify the legal requirements with regard to your application for your licence, the granting of your licence, the timing of ceremony, etc.
3) Second Meeting - or continutation of First Meeting
  • You confirm that you wish me to continue as your Celebrant.
  • We will begin to map out some initial ideas for your ceremony - including vows, readings, music, etc.
4) Preparation
  • I will prepare and send to you a draft outline of your proposed Ceremony - maybe with some additional ideas and options for you to consider.
  • We continue to bounce ideas backwards and forwards until we have an agreed outline for your Ceremony.
5) Rehearsal
  • You may wish to have a rehearsal - preferably at your chosen venue. It is not essential that I be there as Celebrant, but we can discuss this, and I am happy to be present if that is your preference.
6) Ceremony
  • Your Ceremony takes place - the "Big Day"!
7) Documentation
  • I deliver or send the official documentation to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • I will confirm with you when this is done.
























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